Let’s Hit the Ground Running, Shall We?

Wow! What a whirlwind. In just over 30 days we listed our beloved Cape Code in pursuit of more room to wiggle our toes. And, boy, did we get super lucky. We had an offer in 6 days (multiple actually!) and our offer was accepted on Two Farm! Yesterday we crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s and BOOM we were officially sold and homeowners again in a matter of a few hours.

First, a huge shout-out to the dynamic duo who made it all happen: Liz Brent and Tammy Thomas and, of course, the entire Go Brent Team. For several years we’ve taunted them with the idea of selling and buying the area but the timing or the house was never quite right. Joe and I didn’t realize we were even on the big kid diving board when suddenly there we were with the For Sale sign in the yard. And what a splash we made! We tidied up a bit and got out of dodge in time for our Open House. The rest was pure magic.


MC9796920 - Living Room

Dale Living Room – So sparkly and shiny!

Now our dear living room is simply a pile of boxes awaiting their new home. It’s been crazy and chaotic but we’re doing it! At least the baby started preschool today! Woot!15325377_10154637703354002_5534605931148156316_o

As you can clearly tell, H is a completely miserable little girl who utterly hates being around people. Just kidding! This little ball of magic is crazy and awesome and insanely busy like her two older brothers. H was critical in helping us find the perfect home by deciding to potty train by using everyone’s toilet in each house we saw. During our final walk through on Two Farm, she decided that a bath was clearly a better way to test the faucets and ran around completely naked for most of the walk. And, yes, this was after taking a massive, stinky poo to really christen the house. Thanks, lady!

Alright! Let’s talk house. We settled at 4pm with Marty Stanton at KVS Title. I’m not sure there is usually that much laughter at a closing but there was plenty at ours.  We highly recommend using them for all of your buying and selling paperwork signing needs. By 6pm the kids been collected (huge thanks to Akbar Siddiqui and Kelly Bendler!) and we were eating pizza on the living room floor of Two Farm. The kids loved getting to run around an empty house. We should have brought earplugs because the sound just echoed! They rode their scooters and skateboards around the empty spaces while Joe and I tried to talk over the laughter and occasional too enthusiastic scream. The kids were moving way to fast to grab a decent picture. Oh well.

Why did I let them ride around on wheelie toys all night? Because at 8am our friends at AG Floors arrived to refresh the floors with a nice sanding and two coats of poly. I popped in to say hello and here’s how they look right now:

The floors were in fairly good shape but needed a bit of love. We’re having the living room, dining room, hallway, stairs, four bedrooms refinished. The kitchen is getting a buff and coat of poly. The Rumpus room has bamboo floors and doesn’t need any work. Plus if we need more bamboo we can harvest it from the backyard! (A project for another day.) We learned the hard way at Dale Drive that you should always refinish the floors BEFORE you move in. Having to move everything takes longer and is a huge pain in the tush. But it also means I can’t get into the house to start playing! Sigh. That did not stop me from making our first Home Depot run though!

I trekked over to HD to pick up supplies for one of my first projects: a magnetic chalkboard wall  on the half wall in the kitchen. I also grabbed a new leaf blower because while the trees are stunning, they sure do drop a ton of leaves! How old do you think the boys need to be before this becomes their chore?

Eek! Everything is so overwhelming and exciting at the same time. Just the way us Foleys like it!

Stay tuned, folks. It’s only the beginning of Two Farm Modern.